Etudes Electriques

A series of pedagogical pieces for solo instruments and electronics

Each piece of the Etudes Electriques series has been written for and with a teenage instrumentalist, in close relationship with its instrument teacher.

The pieces are the occasion for only young people to play with electronics, but not only : it's about exploring the educational possibilities : interactions with computer are build to help the musician to work on a specific aspect of its instrumental play, like intonation, rhythm accuracy, sonority...

Livre 1

1 Branche violin (or viola) and electronics "étude aux pulsations" 2008 patch (Mac + Win) documentation
2 Tension saxophone and electronics "étude d'intonation" 2008 patch (Mac) patch (Win) documentation
3 Circuit cello and electronics "étude au vibrato" 2010 patch (Mac + Win) documentation
4 Boucle trombone and electronics "étude au vitesses" 2011 patch (Mac + Win) documentation
5 Magnétique clarinet and electronics "étude de projection" 2013 patch (Mac + Win) documentation
6 Terre flute and electronics "étude aux souffles" 2013 patch (Mac + Win) documentation

Livre 2

1 Flux, dérives, chaleurs flute, clarinet, violin and electronics Hommage à Jean-Claude Risset 2021


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